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progeCAD 2022 Professional ENGLISH new update for the UK

Fri 23 Sep 2022

progeCAD 2022 Professional (English) has been released in the United Kingdom.

Some software improvements and fixes available with Update 22.0.14 are:

Fixed zoom on entity in FIND command without “zoom after replace” option
Margins set in Table Style are now loaded correctly in table creation menu
Fixed EATTEDIT prompt messages
Fixed open of drawing with bad constraints
Fixed behavior of prompt boxes. Added new variable PROMPTBOXES to enable/disable prompt boxes. Right click menu is now regulated only by the variable SHORTCUTMENU
Now creating a new table style copies the base one successfully
Fixed Table Styles preview
Added “Match Cell” and “Field” buttons to Table Cell context ribbon
Fixed prompt menu when command is not active
Added “Alignement” button to the Table toolbar for the Classic workspaces
Fixed crash using table with block in cell
Fixed freeze searching closed boundary in a drawing
Fixed SUPERHATCH with circle island in area
Fixed SUPERHATCH with rectangular “hole” in area
Added double click to edit block in table cell
Fixed crash on edit table cell with block. Using “Format Locking” option
Added “Block” button to “Insert” panel of “Table Cell” contextual ribbon
Added TBB and TINSERT aliases of TABLEINSERTBLK command
Fixed ARC command from Lisp
Fixed contextual menu on mouse button down
Removed display of options list when DYNMODE < 0
Changed ZOOM level on FIND command, Implemented FINDZOOMSCALE variable to set scale zoom level (default 5.0)
Improved drawing templates dropdown menu in Start Page. Now it will display a vertical scrollbar if the list of the templates is too long

Download new progeCAD 2022 Professional ENG 22.0.14 release

The new progeCAD 2022 Professional ENG 22.0.14 release is available for FREE download here. Existing users in the UK will receive Update 22.0.14 automatically. If you wish to create a customized version of progeCAD 2022 get in touch with CADglobal.