How to decide which CAD software is No. 1 design software for your needs?

CAD software

CAD software used to be quite a big investment for companies or individuals. When you needed to equip an architect, designer, civil engineer, surveyor, field crew or workshop with CAD license, the price range for a reasonable solution was from £2k to £10, depending on the complexity of the job. Nowadays, the situation is actually a lot better and there is a variety of different CAD software and licenses. We have choice from viewers for users who only need to quickly review some plan to the most advanced CAD / CAM / CAE / FEM / FEA / CFD / EDA software. Software licensing is also adjusted to market needs, business dynamics and economic factors. Software for commercial use is available with perpetual license, subscription and pay-per-use.


As software license is probably one of the most confusing terms in the whole story, so we will try to clarify what software license type to choose for your business. Our mission is to help you get the best software solution at the lowest price, our added value is reflected in your savings, development and overall satisfaction.


More detailed explanation of what software license is can clear the confusion. Basically, it’s a right to use specific software under precisely determined conditions. If you are buying software license as a company, you should pay attention what is manufacturer policy about repeated installation, switching users and similar.

cad software license