Why is progeCAD 2024 the best AutoCAD alternative?

Long Story Short: No subscription, no expiry and low price make progeCAD 2024 the cheapest and the most reliable AutoCAD alternative!

The difference between AutoCAD 2024 and progeCAD 2024

Now let’s get to the long story. Well, by looking at the user interface you won’t notice any significant difference. A careful look into the upper left corner is required in order to distinguish them by the A and P icon. AutoCAD 2024 and progeCAD 2024 are both using DWG as their native format and they are completely compatible, AutoCAD to progeCAD and vice versa. Most AutoCAD commands can be used in the same way in progeCAD, icons and ribbon menu are practically the same, functionality and operating mode are almost the same. What is the difference then? Since progeCAD is an alternative to AutoCAD, it offers different licensing options. Unlike AutoCAD 2024 (2D and 3D) and AutoCAD LT 2024 (2D) subscriptions, progeCAD is offering one unique 2D/3D software with perpetual licenses.

Many users find that less expensive or mid-range CAD software still has all of the features their companies would use. progeCAD 2D/3D Professional is a reliable and fully legal alternative to AutoCAD® or AutoCAD LT® with AutoCAD “look and feel”, perpetual license (once-off) and much lower price. Mission of progeCAD is not to be better than AutoCAD, but to offer customers a choice, better value for money, additional functionalities, better compatibility and different licensing options from stand alone to corporate. Here in CADglobal, we want to empower our valued customers and give them choice.

AutoCAD 2024 is available only as a subscription

AutoCAD comes only as a subscription in duration of one and three years. AutoCAD LT 2024 subscription is enabling use of the newest software version and three older versions. For the whole time during the subscription, user has technical support on disposal and if new version is released during the subscription period, user has right to switch to new AutoCAD version at no cost. Price of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT subscription is roughly the same like it was with the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT perpetual license, if you include an extra annual subscription and maintenance. When we take into consideration progeCAD price, we see that progeCAD perpetual license is significantly cheaper than the cheapest AutoCAD LT annual subscription.

progeCAD 2024 license has Perpetual single, network and corporate volume licenses

progeCAD, as the most European software manufacturers, is still using perpetual licensesand this will not change anytime soon. “Old school” software licensing has more benefits and there is no need for big annual or periodical re-investment like it is with a subscription.  Low progeCAD price is setting it into a spotlight, and performance is making it the most reliable AutoCAD 2024 alternative.
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Upgrading AutoCAD licenses

Autodesk discontinued selling standalone perpetual licenses. Users of older AutoCAD licenses can upgrade them to progeCAD with a discount or buy AutoCAD annual subscription.

Lastly, we believe that personal evaluation is the best way to to choose CAD software and realise why why is progeCAD the best AutoCAD alternative? Therefore, we encourage you to download and try it by yourself. These versions are completely free, non-binding and what’s most important they are unlocked and with full capabilities:

Download progeCAD 2D/3D Professional trial: progeCAD download
download AutoCAD LT trial (2D and essentials):
Free download AutoCAD 2024
download AutoCAD trial (3D including specialized toolsets):
Free download AutoCAD LT 2024
*DWG is the native file format for Autodesk AutoCAD® software and is a trademark of Autodesk, Inc. AutoDesk and AutoCAD are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries.

Comparison of progeCAD – AutoCAD LT – AutoCAD:

The difference between AutoCAD 2024 and progeCAD 2024, the bes AutoCAD alternative