About us

Our mission is to offer optimal CAD software solutions for your business. We offer unrivaled volume licensing for CAD software, for the corporate world as well as for public authorities. For smaller companies and individuals, we are offering a variety of choices between software and licensing solutions. We advise architects, designers and engineers which CAD software will suit their needs and ensure they get the best value for money. CADglobal is always acting objective and presenting multiple software and licensing options.

Our Vision is to help the private and public sector to get an optimal CAD solution with the best possible deal.

Find, compare and buy engineering CAD software. For every software, we are enabling a free, non-binding fully functional trial period as we believe that personal evaluation is the best evaluation. Nobody can know what you need better than you, we only help you to find that answer even if you don’t believe that you have it.

We are one of the few that can be completely objective, as we are a multi vendor distributor and reseller. We are open for doing business with end users as well as with resellers of our software.

Why is CADglobal advocating try & buy?

Because the most important thing for you is that you can start working ASAP! Free downloads are always available at our web site and they will always be. Most important thing for you and us is that you can immediately start working in CAD software, and in the meantime we can consult about details and specifics. If you see that some software isn’t the best for you when you use it in a real work environment, absolutely no problem – trial versions are here for that. Once you get all needed information and choose optimal software, you can just buy a license and register that existing installation. Doesn’t that sound pleasant? Try, buy, register and carry on.

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